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Find Out More About Wash Fox’s Three-Minute Wash

At Wash Fox, we believe in efficiency and convenience. It’s why we made sure that our wash process only lasts for three minutes. We know our customers are busy, so we work to accommodate them with washes that get them in and out and work with their schedules.

Are You Ready?

  • For the best possible experience, please take a minute to remove caked-on mud and build-ups of snow before getting in line for a wash.  The sooner our soaps and brushes can start cleaning your vehicle, rather than removing excess snow and mud, the better your car or truck will look.
  • And please remove any hitches, racks and other aftermarket parts so that our wash equipment can safely access and clean every part of your car.
  • After entering the wash tunnel, you will need to put your car in neutral.  In newer cars, this is not as straightforward as it used to be.  Please make sure you know how to put your car in neutral.

How the Three-Minute Wash Works

  • Upon entering the wash tunnel, our automated equipment maps your car with electronic and optical sensors so that we can turn on the right equipment at the right time during the wash and get your car the wash that it needs.
  • Once our wash knows the dimensions of your car, it initiates a precisely timed sequence for our wash equipment, dryers and soap applicators. If you disrupt this sequence, for instance, by braking during the wash, you will not get a good result… and you could cause an accident.
  • Once you start rolling along our automated conveyor, we first coat your car with a presoak to loosen any dirt and debris on the surface of your car, and we give this presoak some time to work before the brushes turn on to clean your car.
  • Before the brushes touch the surface of your car, they are lubricated with water.
  • The first brushes to start cleaning your vehicle are a rotating “top brush” made of extremely soft foam which cleans the hood, roof and trunk and rotating foam side brushes which clean difficult areas in wheels and around rocker panels.
  • Rotating foam “wrap” and side brushes then engage to clean all 4 sides of vehicles.  Our brushes clean the entire car, including mirrors and even get 8 passes along the back of every car, SUV and truck.
  • After the brushes are finished cleaning all the surfaces of your car, we rinse the car with clean water to remove soap and any leftover dirt and to begin preparing your car for drying.
  • To complete prepping your car for drying, we apply surface and paint protectants, waxes and shines and a drying catalyst and then rinse the car one final time with “spot-free” water to guarantee you an impeccable finish upon exiting.
  • Our air dryers then remove 98% of the water from the surface of your car.
  • The last thing our equipment does is shine your tires.  It is important to be patient during this final step, as driving away too soon will cause you to get an uneven and incomplete shine.  Stay in neutral until our lighted sign instructs you to exit the tunnel.

What to Do Upon Exiting the Wash Tunnel 

When you exit the tunnel, we invite you to take advantage of our complimentary vacuum area.  Our high-powered vacuums will help you get the dust, dirt and old french fries out of your car.  And you are welcome to use our complimentary microfiber towels, glass cleaner and dash wipes to get all the smudges off the inside of your windows and clean up other interior areas.  Feel free to ask one of our attendants for an air freshener to keep your car smelling good until you return for your next wash.

At the end of the day, if you want an effective, efficient, and convenient wash, then allow our wash equipment to do the job for you. Remember to take your hands off the wheel, and your foot off the brake, and our wash equipment will get your car clean and looking new again.

Stop by for a Superior Clean and Shine

We’ve got plenty of great wash options to choose from if you want to get your car clean and give it a shine this summer. And if you’re not already a Wash Fox member, we invite you to check out and learn more about our Wash Fox Unlimited Wash Club Membership!

Stop by anytime with our new summer hours!

Monday – Saturday: 7 am to 8 pm

Sunday: 8 am to 7 pm

Get your car cleaner, faster, and greener. It’s the Wash Fox way.